Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Food Crisis Continues...

An update from Maanga about the continuing drought and food crisis in Tanzania...

"The food problem is all over the country not only a few places.

There are some places where the harvests were good but unfortunately people sold their food in high price to nearby countries hoping to buy food in Tanzania to replace it and then keep some money. But that was the end because they couldn’t find food from anywhere in Tanzania with the money they had so they are trying to eat their money now if that is possible. Pole sana.

Otherwise Meru and Kilimanjaro at large is also affected and wherever there is food, the price is real high. We don’t have maize (corn), maharagwe (beans) and mchele (rice) which are our common foods. Ndizi (banana) are also finishing as people are even selling them before they are ready just to get some money to exchange for other foods. It is real so very hard here right now."

In November, Sue will be returning to Tanzania as we to continue to build and expand our programs to help feed our precious children there. We are so grateful to all of you who have been following our mission, and would like to give you a gift of Tanzanian coffee, tea or music as a thank you for your continued support.

Karibu sana! Please visit to select your gift. Asante sana nu Mungu akubariki sana.


  1. Congratulation, good blog,,,,,full of informations..

  2. We are standing in prayer for the needs of Tanzania. I pray for continued provisions over your ministry and share your heart (God's heart) for taking care of the orphans.

    Our God is faithful!

    Bless you servants of of the Lord,

    Jessica Smith