Monday, June 1, 2009

A Problem Shared...

The children of Tanzania are hungry. But together, we can feed them.

The children of Tanzania have few clothes and their shoes, if they have any, are old and worn. But together, we can clothe them.

There are not enough schools, teachers, textbooks or basic school supplies. With such limits to their educational opportunities, the children of Tanzania have little chance to rise out the poverty of generations before them. But together, we can educate them.

We can do all of this when we join with our hearts in unity to help these precious children.

The first step? It’s simple.

A problem shared is a problem half solved.

A year ago, the students in Mrs. Monday’s four 6th grade classes at Kennedy Middle School (KMS) learned about life in Tanzania. Through photos and stories, they came to understand the struggles of daily life in Tanzania, and the problems faced by the children of Tanzania.

In the weeks following the presentation, the KMS students gave heartfelt consideration to what they had learned. And in an admirable show of selfless generosity, they then opened their hearts to the children of Tanzania. Encouraging each other to make donations during a “Penny War” they subsequently raised enough money to purchase 130 textbooks that have since been presented to the students of Seela Primary School in Tanzania.

Together, they made a huge difference in the lives of children they had only just learned about, but to whom they felt a real connection.

Fast forward to 2009, and a return visit to Mrs. Monday’s 6th grade classes at Kennedy Middle School. The 6th graders of last year are in 7th grade now. And today the current 6th graders had the opportunity to learn about life in Tanzania and the continuing struggles of daily life in this third world country. A problem once again shared…

Tomorrow in class they will share their thoughts and discuss what they learned. Is there any doubt that these students also have the hearts to make a difference in the lives of children on the other side of the world?

Together, with hearts in unity, we can ALL make a difference and change lives… one precious child at a time.

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